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WFM Executive Education is an Ed-Tech institution, where we follow a “Learn to Grow” through  Case Study model education. We offer career-relevant programs from world-class faculties in the most in-demand domains. We make you FUTURE READY.


WFM Executive Education Programme is conceived with a goal to deliver high-quality blended learning outcomes for the AEC industry members to fill the existing practical knowledge gap. We are a 10-year-old media magnate, always striving to support industry members by disseminating knowledge.

A great place to grow

Learning is a lifelong process and it is gained through experiences. At WEE, we believe that a case study-based system of education with analytics and deep learning are the deciding factors for career progression and success. This is why we’ve made it our mission to bring in proficient and experienced experts through meaningful learning experiences, enabling them to impart their knowledge and their competence. 

our mission

We balance the equation between “Peers, Progress & Passion to Learning” through our Open Learning  Online Education led by Industry Experts….Learn based on your Need!!

One of the hallmarks of this executive program is networking facilitates. This Platform consists of some of the most remarkable people who believe in connecting with other like-minded people, learn together and grow together! executives from diverse backgrounds coming together and getting to know each other, this programme connect relevant industry members to work together. A more valuable, more personal way where connections and long-term relationships can be built.

classES for corporates

We encourage companies to send multiple executives to join the WFM Executive Education Classes and get Corporate Discounts.

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