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Building Envelope Design



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Class on

Building Envelope Design



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Class Overview

Enroll into a live learning experience with Ar. Gurneet Singh, Director , Environmental Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in a Class on Building Envelope Design. He will be covering the following:

Façade Strategies for Visual Comfort• Introduction to Viusal Comfort
• Strategies for Viusal Comfort
• Advanced Strategiesfor Viusal Comfort
Kinetic façadeIntroduction to kinetic facades
History and Evaluation
Responsive Facades
Project Showcase

Key Features:



Ar. Gurneet Singh, Director , Environmental Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Hi, I’m Gurneet Singh

Your mentor for Class on Building Envelope Design
Gurneet is an experienced sustainability and energy efficiency consultant, building performance diagnostics expert and educator and has led the energy efficiency team at EDS for nearly 15 years. His experience includes areas such as energy sector policy and regulatory implementations, techno-economic feasibility studies, energy performance contracting projects, LEED and GRIHA certification projects. He specializes in Integrated Building Design; using simulation tools to assist in the design and delivery of energy-efficient buildings predicting the performance of the daylight systems and energy-efficient cooling services. Gurneet has keenly espoused automation of performance evaluation processes through the use of software technology. He has led the design and development of several plug-in/add-on software evaluation tools for policymakers, manufacturers, rating and lending agencies. These tools have accelerated the process of evaluation of high-performance glazing, cost and quantity of recycled content in furniture systems for LEED certification. He has also developed training curriculums and conducted training programs for India’s energy code (Energy Conservation Building Code –ECBC), advanced daylight analysis, passive solar design, advanced whole building performance diagnostics tools and high-performance buildings
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