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Facades for Sensible Architecture



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Class on

Facades for Sensible Architecture



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Class Overview

Indulge into a live learning experience on Facades for Sensible Architecture with Piyusha Bokil Design Partner at EXS Designs. She will cover the following:

  • Planning the openings for a happy space
  • Appropriate Façade design techniques for different geographies
  • Master architects-a case study of façade designs
  • How Vaastu & sustainable opening design is nothing but sensible

Key Features:



Piyusha Bokhil Design Partner, EXS Designs

Hi, I’m Piyusha Bokil

Your mentor for Class on Facades for Sensible Architecture
Piyusha Bokil is the design partner at EXS Design, founder of EXS coach me. Small apartments to multi-use towers, villas to masterplans, clinics to large hospitals, cafes to resorts, saloons to wellness centers, offices to commercial towers – she has more than a decade of experience as project lead across all scales. Her project stories generally start with a strong concept & multi-level thought process involving solutions that create something meaningful-functionally & aesthetically. Each detail is then a contribution to making the final product a manifestation of the enhanced original idea. Educating people about what architects, designers do has also always been a part of her passion & she pursues it through design coaching alongside leading creative projects in Middle East & India.
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